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A boy grows to manhood without a father, in a future of galactic wide corporate corruption. Sam Quartermax's father was killed in a space collision when he was ten years of age. The government reported it as an accident, but the boy could never bring himself to believe this lie. The young boy secretly searched for answers as he grew into a strong and independent man. Finally, in college, he discovered the truth, his father was murdered. To find the killers he would travel to the far end of the galaxy and beyond. The search would require a boy to become a ruthless hunter. In the end, he would have to make a choice. Either become a killer to rid the galaxy of the corruption that had caused the death of millions, or walk away from his lifelong search for revenge.

An Illustrated Children's Christmas story for the whole Family

Written by: A. D.Adams
Illustrated by: Ari Ariyana Ahmad



In the great frozen North, two small cabins sit at the end of a snow-covered valley. In one of the cabins, lives a young elf that has been badly injured and now lies near death. During normal weather, Santa's North Pole city is a good four-hour walk to the cabins. Alas, a terrible storm has raged over the valley for days. The snow, driving winds, and bitter cold are so intense that even Santa and his reindeer can not travel to the injured elf. He is helpless in the face of the storm's power. Santa must come up with a way to get the magic healing dust to the young elf, but how? Finally, he sees a small wooden reindeer built by the elves and comes up with an idea that might just work.

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The professionally Produced Audio Book of

The Dragon Savior of Tone

Narrated by Andrew Tell

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My Brother is a Dragon

(A World of Tone Children's Picture Book)

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Travel to the wondrous World of Tone where a young girl watches as her brother hatches from a great, blue egg. Visit this world through beautiful illustrations and the story told by a girl of green.

Discover a green, lush world of magic and learn about one of the extraordinary families living upon it.

For ages 1 to 6 and those young at heart who love dragon tales.

The professionally Produced Audio Book of

The Dragon Healer of Tone

Narrated by Andrew Tell

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The Dragon Healer of Tone is an epic fantasy about the life of Terra, the human whose fate is tied to the Dragon World of Tone’s future. Many seasons ago, a great wizard started a war that drove the humans to the misty valleys along the coast. Terra was the first male born with the magic of healing for hundreds of sets of seasons. He is the hope of the world, even though few know of his existence. As a child, he was taken from his family and was raised by the great coastal dragons. Only the dragons and a few others that have been awaiting his birth know of him and his powers. Even they have no idea of the enormous capabilities he possesses. Terra and his dragon, Fienna, whom he loves above all others, must save themselves from the dangers of outside powers that would either control or destroy them. Not least of these powers is the Black Solan, an insane witch bent upon their destruction. The two must survive, as well as build a life together, in a world of unknown enemies.

The Dragon Savior of Tone


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“The Dragon Savior of Tone” is book 2 in the “World of Tone” Series. It completes the history of Terra, the only human ever raised by dragons. He and his magic abilities have become the only hope for the world of Tone. Terra and his mate Fienna have begun to raise their first born child, as a dark force from beyond the Barrier Mountains threatens all life on their world. Terra must first return to his long forgotten past life to determine if the humans can or will help in the struggle to come. He then needs to find and convince the remaining land nymphs and elves to join in the dangerous fight. Can one man, even a man as powerful as Terra, unite all on Tone to save their world?

Death on Lake Ice Asin: B00IOANCB2

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Death on Lake Ice begins with reclusive but brilliant engineer Jacob Adami deciding to change his life and move to Mountain Top County. He takes the position of county engineer. He moves himself and his three cats into a home overlooking Lake Ice. On his first inspection trip as county engineer to a local spillway, he discovers the murdered body of the area’s leading citizen and largest landowner. Being new to the area, he meets the local people and learns of their lives. They, on the other hand, find him somewhat mysterious and cannot understand why a rich and powerful man would move to their mountains and take a low-paying engineering position. As Jacob gets to know the people and the circumstances of the murdered man, he slowly forms a theory of the crime.


"A Spy with a Trunk" and Other Imaginings Asin:B00KRQ66B4

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Fantasy and science fiction come in many forms from long and complex to short and simple, but all are the flights of fancy of a human mind. In these stories, elephants fly spacecrafts and turtles live in deep space. The reader can visit an unhappy god, a new wizard discovering his powers, and a dragon that saves a boy. Questions are asked as to whether a devil can change his ways as well as can there be an angel with no name. The author presents possibilities for the reader to consider in these personal imaginings. A book for those who are young and young at heart.